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The Perfect Honeywell Standby Generator

Posted by Albert Cruz on January 16, 2019 at 8:55 AM

Getting the best standby generator for your home is easier than you think and is a great investment for many reasons:

Safe - Don't have to mess with gasoline and power cords. Reduced risk of fire, CO poisoning, or electrical shock.

Convenient - Peace of mind, even when you're away. Power is automatically restored to critical systems like A/C, water, fridge/freezer, or entire house.

Great Value - Increased home value with many sizes for every budget. Pays for itself every time it's used. Delivers the cleanest generator power possible for sensitive electronics found in today's homes.

To get the best home backup generator follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Select a Fuel Source - The first step in selecting a good standby for your home starts with identifying the fuel type. Home standbys up to 22kW will use either natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP), but if you're looking for a generator that runs on diesel, you'll need to step up to a liquid-cooled whole-house type that could cost considerably more. Both LP and diesel fuels will require tanks large enough to properly run the generator. Similarly, the natural gas meter and gas lines will need to be the correct size. Prior to installation, your contractor will verify this with you, but you can find this information in the installation manual on our product pages.

2. Determine Power Needs - Standby generators are rated by kilowatt (kW) (1 kW = 1,000 watts) which measures the generator's power output. When determining the power needs of your home, you'll first need to decide if you want to power your air conditioner or HAVC equipment during a blackout, since it is the most power-hungry of devices in your home. During summer months, a sweltering blackout could make life miserable and an ice storm in the winter could crash your holiday plans leaving pipes susceptible to bursting. So how can you tell what size you need? Easy, just look at the air conditioning unit's data plate and it'll tell you the size in either BTUs or Tons. There are 12,000 BTUs for each Ton of capacity. For example, a 3 Ton Unit is equal to 36,000 BTUs and will require a standby generator that is 11kW or larger.

3. Choose a Transfer Switch - Just like a light bulb needs a switch to turn on, your generator needs one too. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) allows your standby to spring into action the moment a power failure is detected. It does this by continuously sensing utility power and after an outage is detected, it simultaneously starts the engine and disconnects power coming from the line and energizes your home's panel through generator power.

Getting the right switch is just as crucial as getting the right generator as they work together to restore lost power. In order to know which will work for you, you'll need to know the amperage of your electrical service panel. You can check this by locating the main breaker in your electrical panel (usually the big pull-out at the top). Typically, the average sized home has a 200-amp main breaker, so the maximum amount of electricity your home can consume is 200 amps. Smaller, older homes may have 100 to 150-amp service. Be sure to get the same amperage switch as your home's panel. If you have a 200-amp panel, you'll need a 200-amp transfer switch.

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